Computer Basics

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Learn the basics of Windows 10, MS Word, Gmail and Internet Explorer. This course is for beginners who have not used a computer before or those who want to refresh their skills. You will begin with learing about basic hardware, how to start the computer, use the mouse and keyboard, the fundamentals of the Windows interface and the desktop. You will then progress to the basics of MS Word and document writing, how to access saved data, and an introduction to email and the internet.


The content of this learning is outlined as follows:

  • Week 1: Basic hardware, desktop and Windows manipulation
  • Week 2: Word introduction and basic functionality
  • Week 3: Word, including inserting graphics
  • Week 4: Introduction to internet
  • Week 5: Introduction to email

Outcomes/ Benefits

As a result of this learning experience you will have:

  • used basic computer hardware, desktop and Windows manipulation
  • applied Word with basic functionality, inserting graphics and using tables and tab settings
  • opened the internet and made web searches via search engines
  • used emails including sending, receiving and forwarding

What To Bring

  • Pen and paper.
  • USB memory stick.

Please Note

If you have supplied us with a mobile phone number, we may contact you via SMS if there are any last minute course changes or class cancellations. Please check your phone during the few days prior to the class start date in case there are any changes to your class. If you are sent an SMS please do not reply as these are sent via our computer system and we are unable to receive replies. Please contact one of our offices to confirm you have received any SMS messages.
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