Interior Design

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This course cuts through the complexities of home improvement and gives you the opportunity to create the kind of environment you have always imagined. Learn about the entire home-decoration process, including how to select materials and colours. Whether you have a whole new home or just one room that requires redesigning consider what needs doing in terms of practical renovation and decoration. You will need to think about design style, colours, walls and fabrics, furniture and accessories to suit your lifestyle and personality.


Topics included:

  • Introduction and examples of good interior design.
  • Elements of design: importance of line and direction, suitable sizes and shape of furniture.
  • Planning the best layout.
  • Understanding Colour: the colour wheel, texture and pattern, creating an optical illusion.
  • Understanding Style: Furniture – different styles and their arrangement.
  • Special treatments: floor coverings, fabrics, the effect of natural and artificial lighting.
  • Walls and windows: different wall and window coverings and treatments.
  • The finishing touch: adding interest with accessories and decorative objects.
  • Overseeing a scheme from start to finish.
  • Planning your own room.

Outcomes/ Benefits

You will learn to develop a professional attitude to interior design and be able to effectively link creativity with the theory of design concepts, enabling you to confidently respond to any practical project.

What to Bring

  • Pen and paper.

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