Take a Great Digital Photo

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Take control of your digital photography by learning about the features of your digital SLR camera or compact with advanced controls and using this knowledge to create interesting and dynamic images. You will gain knowledge on how and when to use the various camera settings and spend time puting these skills into practise during the first two sessions. The last session will include preparation of the files for viewing on a computer or printing. Prerequisite: basic computer skills.


Topics included:

  • WHS
  • battery and memory card handling
  • file naming conventions
  • file/image control
  • digital sensors and resolution
  • camera settings – shutter, aperture, ISO and lenses
  • use of electronic flash
  • picture formats and proportions

Outcomes/ Benefits

On completion of this course you will have gained the knowledge to set up a camera, expose digital images and prepare them for printing or computer viewing.

What To Bring

  • SLR or advanced compact digital camera with setting capabilities, including instructions and all cords.
  • Make sure your batteries are fully charged and you have enough card capacity to last throughout each session (a good idea to also bring spare batteries/memory card).
  • Any extra lenses you may have.
  • Lens cleaning cloth.

If you only have a point and shoot camera you will still gain benefit from the course but will not be able to put into practise the changing of camera settings for differing circumstances.

Please Note

If you have supplied us with a mobile phone number, we may contact you via SMS if there are any last minute course changes or class cancellations. Please check your phone during the few days prior to the class start date in case there are any changes to your class. If you are sent an SMS please do not reply as these are sent via our computer system and we are unable to receive replies. Please contact one of our offices to confirm you have received any SMS messages.
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