Painting - Oils and/or Acrylics Using Water TLK Community College

Painting - Oils and/or Acrylics Using Water

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Try this traditional method of oil painting without turps and let your creative side free as you learn basic techniques and tips on how to produce a wonderful artwork. If acrylic paints are more your style you are welcome to join this course and use your own materials or use the tutor’s at a small cost. All levels welcome.


Topics covered:

  • Water based clean-up oil paints and/or acrylics.
  • Types of canvas/board and their preparation.
  • Use of different mediums and tools.
  • Arranging a palette.
  • Drawing the design.
  • Understanding tonal values and colour placement.
  • Establishing light and shadow with tonal washes and blending.
  • Impasto technique (thick paint) using a palette knife.


On completion of this course you will have the knowledge and techniques for water-based clean-up oil paints/acrylics and be able to build on your painting expertise.

What To Bring

Phone the College on 4353 0017 for contact details.
Special paints are utilised which can be purchased from the art stores.


  • Canvas board maximum size 45cm x 60cm (approx).
  • Easel.
  • Sketch book.
  • 2B Pencil.
  • Pliable rubber and pencil rubber.
  • Light grey pastel pencil/stick.
  • Flat palette (can use a smooth plastic plate).
  • Palette knife.
  • Grey or wooden palette.
  • Photo of what you would like to paint (printed in A4 or on a digital device).
  • Long handled bristle brushes large and small (you may use tutor’s brushes in first lesson if you wish).
  • Small soft rags – face washer size.
  • Two small shallow plastic dishes for water (can be empty margarine/butter containers).
  • Old 1.25 litre empty soft drink bottle and large container for dirty water.
  • Box of tissues.
  • Paints: Students are required to provide their own painting supplies.
  • You may bring any other oil paints and equipment that they are currently using.

If you wish to use acrylic paints please bring any materials you have. You will need to bring all other materials in the list except the oil paints. Tutor will advise in the first session if you wish to purchase your own.

Please Note

If you have supplied us with a mobile phone number, we may contact you via SMS if there are any last minute course changes or class cancellations. Please check your phone during the few days prior to the class start date in case there are any changes to your class. If you are sent an SMS please do not reply as these are sent via our computer system and we are unable to receive replies. Please contact one of our offices to confirm you have received any SMS messages.
Thank you.