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Smart and Skilled

Smart and Skilled is a reform of the New South Wales (NSW) Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. It is helping people in NSW get the skills they need to find a job and advance their careers.
From January 2015, Smart and Skilled provides eligible students with an entitlement to government subsidised training. 1300 009 924.

Student Information

The following information is provided in addition to the College’s Student Handbook.
TLK Community College is pleased to offer, through Smart and Skilled, the following qualifications on the NSW Central Coast Region:

  • FSK10119 Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways
  • FSK10219 Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways
  • FSK20119 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways
  • CHC22015 Certificate II in Community Services
  • CHC30115 Certificate III in Community Services
  • BSB30120 Certificate III in Business
  • SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality
  • ICT20120 Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies
  • ICA30120 Certificate III in Information Technology
  • SIR30216 Certificate III in Retail
  • CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Please refer to our Pre-enrolment Information page for more information about the above courses.

The above qualifications, which are subsidised by the NSW Government, are competency based. Students are assessed and are deemed Competent or Not Yet Competent for each unit of competency. Students need to be deemed Competent in all units of their course to be issued with the full qualification. Students have the opportunity to re-submit. Please refer to the College Student Handbook for more information on assessment.

Prior to enrolling please read the below information in order to determine your eligibility and to gain awareness of the Smart and Skilled requirements:
1. Smart and Skilled Eligibility Criteria
2. Fee Information
3. Recognition of Prior Learning and/or Credit Transfer
4. Deferring or Continuing Subsidised Training
5. Consumer Protection Information
6. Support Services

Applicants for enrolment may be required to undertake a Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment to qualify for entry into their proposed course. For further information on LLN assessment please contact the College.

1. Smart and Skilled Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for training for any Smart and Skilled program, you must:

  • Be an Australian citizen, a permanent Australian resident, a humanitarian visa holder or a New Zealand citizen and
  • Be aged 15 years or older and
  • Live or work in New South Wales and
  • No longer be at school.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who do not live or work in NSW but live in specific defined interstate NSW border areas are eligible for government-subsidised training under Smart and Skilled.

In addition to the above, to be eligible you also need to meet the eligibility requirements for the relevant program you wish to enrol in. TLK Community College will be able to determine your eligibility prior to enrolling.

2. Fee Information

Fees apply for each nominated qualification. The fee amount you pay and the government contribution is dependent on your eligibility.
Fees have been set by the NSW Government for training providers and the College must charge each student as determined from the data they have provided to the College. Depending on their eligibility, a student may be charged a:

  • Standard student first qualification fee
  • Standard student subsequent qualification fee or
  • Concession fee for disadvantaged students.

If an applicant for enrolment is a Centrelink recipient, the College will need documentation from them to assist in calculating the applicant’s fee.

If a student applies for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT) under Smart and Skilled, the qualification price will be adjusted and a new student fee will be determined.

Contact the College for further information on 02 4353 0017, or
Details about Smart and Skilled can also be found on the goverment website Smart and Skilled 1300 009 924.

Payment is required on enrolment.
Refer to the College’s Fees and Refund Policy

3. Recognition of Prior Learning and/or Credit Transfer

Smart and Skilled applicants may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT). Should your application for RPL and or CT be approved by the College (according to the Standards for Nationally VET Regulated (NVR) Registered Training Organisations and the NSW Recognition Framework) the outcomes will be entered by the College to determine any reduction in the course fee.

RPL is a process for giving applicant’s credit for relevant skills, knowledge and experience gained through formal and informal learning, work or other activities such as volunteering, either in Australia or overseas. The RPL process includes an assessment of evidence provided by the applicant. Please contact the College if you wish to apply for RPL prior to enrolling.

CT applies when you can provide a Certificate (Testamur), Statement of Attainment or transcript that has recorded the same unit code and title of a unit included in the enrolled course. You will be asked to provide a copy of your document, which has been witnessed by a Justice of the Peace as having sighted the original, as evidence of your seeking CT. Please contact the College if you wish to apply for CT prior to enrolling.

4. Deferring or Discontinuing Subsidised Training

If a student wishes to defer their course they may do so for up to twelve (12) months from when notification was received from the student.

It is hoped that a student should not need to discontinue their course. If a student wishes to discontinue their course, such a request should be submitted in writing to the College. Any applicable refunds shall then be made in accordance with the College’s Fees and Refund Policy.

If a student is seeking to defer or discontinue their course they should write, stating their reasons, to:

The VET Manager
TLK Community College
PO Box 5013
Chittaway Bay NSW 2260

5. Consumer Protection Information

Your feedback is important to us at TLK Community College. To protect your rights as a student please refer to the following policies:
The College’s Student and Client Complaint and Appeal (Consumer Protection) Policy
The Smart and Skilled Consumer Protection for Student
Alternatively, you may wish to contact the NSW Smart and Skilled Customer Support Centre direct at 1300 772 104

6. Support Services

TLK Community College provides the following support services during your training:
• Academic Support
• Pastoral Care / Student Support
• Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support.
For further information on the above support please refer to the College’s Student Handbook or by telephoning the College on (02) 43530017.

Should you require an interpreter please contact Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) at 131 450.

Lodging Your Expression of Interest in Subsidised Training

You can lodge an expression of interest (EOI) for subsidised training by contacting the College on (02) 43530017 or by emailing the below form to:

In order that we may assist you in determining your eligibility we require your consent with your Expression of Interest to provide your personal information to the Department of Education and Communities
Download the College’s: Subsidised Training Eligibility Form

The College will provide further pre-enrolment information to eligible candidates who express an interest.

Unique Student Identifier Number (USI)

Enrolled students in accredited training are required to provide the College with a Unique Student Identifier Number (USI). If you do not have a USI the College can assist you in obtaining one. Further information regarding USI’s can also be found at: